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Mini Spike - Set of 3


3 Lightweight and discreet Bo Shurikens

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Shuriken are traditional Japanese weapons / tools.
The Bo Shuriken is a metal rod with a point on one side. Often small, light and discreet, it was used by ninjas in combat with throwing but could also serve as a makeshift tool.

The Mini Spike is made in our workshops. Hexagonal in shape, it has a very good grip and its reduced weight (approximately 77gr) allows to transport and throw a large number at the same time. Despite this limited weight, a good throw allows an impressive penetration in the target.

It is often thrown in No Spin technique with the flat hand style (Houzan Suzuki technique) but can also be thrown with other techniques.

A classic throwing weapon, fun and timeless.

This product is handmade in our workshops in Normandy (France) for each order.
This means that depending on the workload of our craftsmen, the time before shipment can vary between 2 days and 3 weeks.
You can contact us if you would like more information about our current deadlines

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Mini Spike - Set of 3

Mini Spike - Set of 3

3 Lightweight and discreet Bo Shurikens

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