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Werner's Patriot Dagger - Set of 3


3 High-end throwing daggers by Werner Lengmüller.

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Werner Lengmüller, the greatest sports knife throwing champion of this generation, has been developing and manufacturing ultimate throwing weapons for many years. His designs are iconic and well known to throwers. It is now in the workshops of Throwing Zone that its knives are crafted in exactly the same way and with the same quality as before.

The Patriot Dagger is a symmetrical design produced in very few copies by Werner a few years ago and now produced continuously.

A 325mm throwing dagger for 365gr with perfect behavior. The grip by the handle and by the blade being very similar, it is ideal for conventional walkback throwing. A spinner is placed in the center of its elegant guard.

Throwing Zone is very proud to produce this knife identically after having gone to train in Germany directly with its creator.

This product is handmade in our workshops in Normandy (France) for each order.
This means that depending on the workload of our craftsmen, the time before shipment can vary between 2 days and 3 weeks.
You can contact us if you would like more information about our current deadlines

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Werner's Patriot Dagger - Set of 3

Werner's Patriot Dagger - Set of 3

3 High-end throwing daggers by Werner Lengmüller.

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