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The Scalpel - set of 3


Lightweight "mass at the center" nospin throwing knives

Steel finish
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The Scalpel is a unique throwing knife designed for no spin by thrower Guillaume HENRY (Abeille Métallique) for competition.

This knife has a very special design and measurements that are rare among no spin throwing knives. It has allowed its creator to win several national and international titles in instinctive or no-spin events.

  • Long and slender design, 29cm for 205g giving it a good swing for "slide" type no spin

  • formidable and permissive tip for exceptional performance on any type of target

  • mass distribution in the center of the weapon allowing it a unique behavior in flight

  • IFSG (Index Finger Slide Grip) technology providing a grip on the index finger during backspin when releasing (possibility to remove this option on request)

A formidable throwing weapon which will not correspond to all throwing profiles but which will be able to delight many. To try urgently !!!

This product is handmade in our workshops in Normandy (France) for each order.
This means that depending on the workload of our craftsmen, the time before shipment can vary between 2 days and 3 weeks.
You can contact us if you would like more information about our current deadlines

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The Scalpel - set of 3

The Scalpel - set of 3

Lightweight "mass at the center" nospin throwing knives

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