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The FatBoySlim - Set of 3


10mm thick technical throwing knives set.

Steel finish
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The FatBoySlim is a one-of-a-kind throwing knife! A knife with a thickness almost never seen (10mm) but yet with a contained weight of 230gr. Thanks to its unique design created by the excellent French thrower Denis Biason, Throwing Zone was able to manufacture this blade as original as it is effective.

This knife with its very particular shape provides new sensations in instinctive throwing. Unprecedented thickness for optimal index control, A square mid-section (10x10mm) and a teardrop handle allowing different grips (including a very effective reverse grip) and which is formidable for low grip Fedin type.

Also effective in half spin, learn to tame your FatBoySlim, you will not be disappointed!

This product is handmade in our workshops in Normandy (France) for each order.
This means that depending on the workload of our craftsmen, the time before shipment can vary between 2 days and 3 weeks.
You can contact us if you would like more information about our current deadlines

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tout simplement excellent


Fat boys of summer goes slim

Although I am beginner, excellent for starting understand half spins at 3,5m. Flips nicely in overhand half spins too and hit deep, due to tip design. Full spin grip needs more practice, little complicated because of slim body. Overall I am happy and for me it's worth the money and I definitely keep on going on daily training. Good weight and flies stable


Pour Halfspin

J'ai pas (encore) réussi à bien m'adapter pour la prise en main en NoSpin (je pense qu'il est bon en BimStyle, mais c'est pas mon style ;)), par contre, en Halfspin il est parfait pour moi, et ça tombe bien je pratique de plus en plus en half.


Missile à tête chercheuse

C est juste une tuerie à lancer....ils sont trop beaux. Au 4ème essais j ai percé une capsule de bière à 5 mètres à savoir que je lance en no-spin depuis 2 mois seulement. Des missiles qui partent comme des balles. J adore ces couteaux.



Amazing!! Throwing sessions are less noisy with these. Great knives for rolling with and reverse grip is easy now.


Mon nouveau couteaux number one

Après un petit temps d'aptaption c'est devenu mon couteau number one

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The FatBoySlim - Set of 3

The FatBoySlim - Set of 3

10mm thick technical throwing knives set.

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